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Nothing offensive about it.
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The absinthe pours a deep olive, more yellow than green. Looks nice though. It smells light and perfumey. Sweet with lemon notes.

The louche is nice but a bit on the thin side. Pearly green with textures of gold and blue. Water really brings out the anise and perhaps some powder. Not a very pronounced aroma, but there's some fruitiness.

The flavour is clean and sweet anise, with a layer of mild wormwood beneath. A tad bit of earthy fennel. Mellow and soft with a creamy mouth-feel.

The finish is mostly anise with some lemon. Starts to turn savoury before fading, but no appreciable wormwood emerges.

This is a light, sort of fluffy absinthe that would be good for session drinking. I can't find anything bad about it but nothing really stands out either except the seamlessness of it all.
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