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The batch I was sampling was from a bottle purchased in 2010. I've heard the formula has been improved since.

The initial color is a light green color, natural, not bad, but very light green. Not really as vibrant as some other vertes out there, and nowhere near as solid as it could be.

The louche builds slowly at about 1:1, and there are nice oil trails that indicate something is happening, but dies out shortly after that. At 4.5 to 1 the louche is completely gone, and the absinthe is quite clear.

Initial aroma before water is very harsh and alcoholic. Very much like rubbing alcohol, hardly herbal or vegetal at all. Once a small amount of water has been added the bouquet opens up and the aroma is quite pleasant. Alpine, herbal, notes of wormwood, anise and fennel.

The flavor is pretty basic for an absinthe, very standard Pontarlier, very traditional. There is noticeable herbaceous flavors from the wormwood, but it is almost too much and kind of astringent like over-stepped tea. It leaves the mouth dry in an unpleasant way. There is some sweetness from anise and fennel, but not quite enough.

There isn't much finish, but what is there isn't very enjoyable, mostly consisting of bitterness ans astringency from the wormwood. The anise and fennel fades a little too quickly.

Overall, I give it a 3. The flavor itself isn't bad at all, there just needs to be some improvement with the louche, initial aroma and finish. I have not idea what needs to be done to improve it, but I might guess at a little more anise or fennel. I think it's a good absinthe to try, and would take it over a number of other brands out there. It does need a bit of work however.
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