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Tastes Ok- less filling?
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Color: attractive bright emerald green. There was a decent amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Louche: Cascading oil trails develop at first but I can never coax out a good louche. It is much too thin. Looks like soapy dish water or something.

Aroma: Fresh and wormwood forward with alcohol. Hints of vanilla and some chlorine every now and then. I can’t detect any anise or fennel.

Flavor: Flavor is wormwood but here I can detect a bit of anise. There’s just not much else going on. Any herbal tendencies are much too subdued for me to notice. Nothing stands out as peculiar; however I just wished it had more personality.

Finish: Pretty decent but dies down quickly. Wormwood lingers but changes to a more flower and fruity taste. It actually kind of reminds me of cotton candy

Overall: I feel like the producers played it safe and have made an ‘absinthe-light’ product. Again, there is nothing off-putting but there is a lack of complexity and robustness. I think they’re going in the right direction but they need to tweak it and add some character.

Notes: I would advise not to water pass a 3 to 1 ratio. If you do you’ll probably ruin the drink and it will taste like flavored water.
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