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Adnam's Rouge

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Has promise, but needs improvement
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Review based on a 2013 bottling.

Appearance: quite pretty. Deep ruby. No visible sediment.

Louche: very thick and very quick forming. A little too much, as it lacks the opalescence.

Aroma: anise, a hint of wormwood, and citrus from the hibiscus. Intriguing and refreshing.

Flavor: overwhelmed with star anise. Same problem that creates the too-thick louche. They need to tone this down and use green anise. Would be nice to let the wormwood shine through.

Finish: again, dominated by the star anise, but with a hint of citrus in the background.

Overall: it's a start, but needs to see some changes for it to be a staple product. Less star anise, more green anise, and a nicer balance with the wormwood would all improve this dramatically.
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A well balanced red absinthe
Overall rating
Appearance: beautiful red color with no sediment.

Louche: average thick, pink, getting white as more water is added. No complexity of color as in the best vertes.

Aroma: think of a good white absinthe, very well balanced, with the flowery note of hibiscus. Anise is well restrained.

Flavor: I would describe it as that of a white absinthe with an extra touch of hibiscus, which is in no way overwhelming or obtrusive. Nothing soapy, nothing bitter, nothing tasting artificial.

Finish: some delicate wormwood and hibiscus.

Overall: I think it's a different batch than that of previous reviews. It looks like a well balanced, round, mild absinthe, with no rough edges. I tried it both with and witgout sugar, but I think a little sugar helps (I seldom add sugar). This is the third red absinthe I try, it looks like the one I like most so far: Awen Nature seemed too mild, Neuzeller Malvales seemed too poignant.
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Looks, but not a very good personality
Overall rating
Appearance: Very pretty. Definitely hibiscus colored: a deep rosy pink, very lovely and appetizing in the glass.

Louche: Thick like strawberry milk. Practically opaque, but there are some reflections. It's still very pink.

Aroma: Lots of wormwood and (unless I'm mistaken from brain tricks) a bit of a rose underpinning, and some sort of dusty smell. It's very nice and sweet and mouthwatering, though not particularly strong-smelling or "big".

Flavor: There's so much star anise flavor here, it's really a bit sad...I can scare taste anything else. I can tell there's something behind this flavor, but it's not balanced enough to let the other flavors shine as well. Not too dry, which is nice given the hibiscus coloring.

Finish: Once the star anise flavors disappear, I'm left with a fruity and sweet flavor that's really nice...but sadly it has that peppery tongue/throat coating from the anise, as well as the drying effects from the hibiscus.

Overall: This absinthe would be really beautiful if there was a good deal less badiane and a good deal more green anise. Yet again, as far as rouges go I have to give the obligatory apology for flavor, regardless of how pretty the drink.
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Rouge with a Touch of Rough
Overall rating
Appearance: This rouge is a crystal clear and stunning ruby red. There's a slight pink when held to direct light indicating natural hibiscus coloration. It's deep and strong yet incredibly light on the eyes.

Louche: Holy thicksauce! This resembles strawberry milk. There's a nice blue hue at the meniscus but almost zero transparency.

Aroma: Wormwood! For something this red it is wonderful to smell wormwood right up front. There are the floral and citrus tartness one would expect but they appear to be in a nice balance. I'd swear to a small amount of rose use as well. Star anise is there but in the background.

Flavor: An amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, and heavenly wormwood and hibiscus lead gets quickly swept under the rug by star anise. There's a tart and creamy texture which is very nice. I just wish I could've gotten more of that lead flavor before the star anise showed up to be a party pooper.

Finish: The floral notes show up again, welcome back! The aromatics lead towards other floral and citrus notes as well. A peppery note comes mid-finish to provide a beautiful contrast and astringency. Another nice finish from Adnams.

Overall: Much like their verte offering there's a lot of wonderful going on covered up with some design flaws. Reviews like this are frustrating because there's quality oozing here but I can't in any sort of conscience ignore the flaws either. Once again, if there are recipe modifications in future batches then I can't wait to try them. The initial second or so of flavor puts some of the more hidden “artisan” rouges to the test and I'd love to see that expressed more.
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