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Blühend instead of Bloodletting
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Deep brilliant green. Clear. Hints of yellow. Bright and natural

Louche: Louched by a thin stream from a glass dripper full of cracked ice. Comes on slow. Beautiful billowing smoky thick clouds. Color is a lighter opalescent green. Various shades of green, blue and yellow. Very pleasing.

Aroma: Fresh and clean. Floral and a tad bit soapy. Very similar to Mansinthe but the floral, baby powderish smell is much more present. I like it but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people find it to be a bit too prominent.

Flavor: Flavor is soft, sweet and flowery. Hint of mentholated bitterness. Slightly soapy. A little bit candy like. All in all it’s a soft and subtle flavour. Does not have the earthiness found in Mansinthe.

Finish: Has a lingering bitterness. A bit thin. Does not linger as much as I would like it to.

Overall: A high quality absinthe that is very enjoyable to drink. I think everyone should give this a try. Similar to Mansinthe in a lot of ways but softer and more flowery sweet. Also the baby powder/soapy flavour that I detect in Mansinthe is much more present in this absinthe. Some may like that, some may not. This is a perfect absinthe for a picnic or other event that involves sun, nature and the sweet smell of flowers, which is quite contrary to the name of this absinthe which in English is “bloodletting”.
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