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(Updated: July 02, 2008)
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I remember I was astonished when it appeared on the shelves and the very day of its launch I have bought it-note, the price back then was not very inviting; now it is very, very cheap.

Before opening the bottle, one should bear in mind it does present well: nice bottle with a cork, interesting label, even the colour is attractive somehow.

However, poured in a glass the story changes desperately.

The biggest flaw of the product: as long as it quite drinkable, it is artificially-coloured and artificially-flavoured with oils, so there is barely nothing genuine or natural about it. The colour itself is not Hill's/Stromu'esque, more in the vein of "being green" but at just 55% it is too green and could be achieved the natural way.

Since it looks like it has taken inspiration from Spanish absentas, the louche is quick, very fat I would say.

The aroma is fennel mainly (the only natural ingredient I believe) plus a combo of glycerine-based anise oil, some mint, no wormwood whatsoever in the aroma, not even a trace. Smells like cheap pastis with green colouring.

The flavour is flat, predominantly anisy, far too sweet for my tooth, hence 1:4, 1:5 ratio is much recommended so as to prevent it from tongue numbing and cloying.

Finish is quite nice, there is a very tiny wormwood bite that could be enhanced more and some mintiness that helps with finishing the glass.

All in all, although it comes from own country I am not recommending it all, it is artificial, too sweet and resembles bad pastis more than standard absinthe. In comparison with the dreadful and disastrous Apsinthion grande de luxe, it is much, much better and of course easily drinkable, but Poland offers an abundance of quality spirits, so it no use spending money on any Apsinthion.

I simply cannot understand why it is, year by year, given medals at IWSC???
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