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intriguing Blanche, not without its idiosyncrasies
(Updated: February 21, 2019)
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Appearance: clear and bright. No tint, no sediment. Very nice. The bottle is also understatedly classy.

Louche: attractive build; fully louched at 2:1 with the fountain and ice cold water.

Aroma: Wormwood, anise, licorice, some pepper and alpine notes. Inviting.

Flavor: sweet anise, rooty, with a slight mintiness. I’d like to taste more wormwood, but that’s part of the problem with using fresh instead of long-dried artemisia. Along with other potential issues, it can get lost in the mix of not liberally used.

Finish: a slightly metallic finish that sits on the sides of the tongue. Nice anise though. Still looking for more of that great Wormwood flavor.

Overall: interesting and enjoyable for the most part. The metallic twang is a bit off putting, but probably wouldn’t be noticed by many casual drinkers. I’d like to see them experiment with dried wormwood to see if that helps bolster the flavor. A nice addition to any collection in any case.
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