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Sweet Child O' WOLF
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Appearance: A natural and clear light green. It is also slightly thin in appearance and not heavily colored.

Louche: A very active and rolling louche. At the correct dilution it is a bit thick but not completely opaque. The hue is a milky green monotone with the only difference visible at the edges as slightly more blue.

Aroma: Citrus and wormwood dominate the aroma with a honeydew like scent in the background. Anise seems to be a blend of green and star. It is surprisingly sweet smelling overall.

Flavor: The candy like sweetness and rush of anise dominate at first. Wormwood is definitely present though. The mouth-feel is smooth but with a slightly chalky undertone. The citrus notes don't show up as they did in the aroma, but a slight peppery note does. The sweetness though makes tasting hard as it is overpowering the other flavors.

Finish: The bitterness comes forward with a decent numbing sensation. There seems to be a non-wormwood bittering agent as well that shows up in the finish. It lasts a long time but doesn't do much else.

Overall: An incredibly sweet anise bomb with a healthy backbone of wormwood. This absinthe shows good characteristics but it could stand to be a bit more balanced. There is more complexity here that seems to get drowned out by the anise heavy sweet flavor.
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