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(Updated: June 02, 2011)
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Color: Bright emerald green, I mean very bright and very emerald. Seems to have been tweaked since the last time I purchased a bottle. It's perfectly clear. Although the ingredient list on the label lists only natural ingredients, the color of this absinthe is a bit too close to turquoise. I will give it a 3 though because apparently it is natural and it is rather appealing.

Louche: A nice thick louche that leads to a creamy opalescent green with lots of nuance. Definitely star anise in there.

Aroma: Beautiful sweet perfume aroma. Fruity and candy like. Also lemony. Wormwood is there and anise smells good. I believe this is the new formulation because I can notice a huge difference. It has a much fuller flowery aroma.

Flavor: Anise up front. Whereas the old formulation was more star anise this one seems to be more balanced between the star anise, green anise and fennel. This is an improvement. Other than anise flavour is very fruity and sweet with a mild mentholated bitterness from the wormwood. Make sure not to overwater this one. I feel it does best around 2.5 to 3.5 parts water, more flavour comes out. More than 4 parts water is too much. I think the fruit based alcohol contributes much to the fruity sweetness. This is definitely a summer aperitif absinthe.

Finish: The weakest link in this absinthe. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s good, mentholated tongue numbing sweetness but does not linger long. The less water you add the more bitter it is and the longer it lingers. The more water you water you add the thinner and less lingering it becomes. Perhaps a perfect middle can be reached.

Overall: This has turned out to be an excellent absinthe. The new formulation is noticeable and an excellent improvement in my opinion. This has always been a unique absinthe and I’m glad that they continued to go in that direction with the new formulation. I’m proud that Okanagan Spirits, being a Canadian company, has created such a unique and high quality absinthe that easily stands on its own in today’s absinthe market.

Edit 06/02/2011:

After letting this absinthe sit and breathe for a bit I have noticed a few changes. The pre-louche color has toned down a bit. It's still bright and very green but the artificial tones have toned down. Not so much turquoise now but just cyan-like nuance. Further proof it is naturally colored but I will leave the score at 3 since it still has unnatural nuance.

The candylike aroma's and flavor's have toned down to a more herbal and earthy mix. I believe I added a bit more water than normal to this glass as well. I really like how this absinthe is turning out. It seems to get better every time I pour myself a glass.

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