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Awkward and Odd - Different is an Understatement
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A thin stream from a fountain of iced spring water.

Color Before Water

More Aquamarine than green, although odd it's very pretty and clear. It doesn't seem to fit into acceptable color ranges. However it's natural and not at all unattractive, just not what I would expect from an Absinthe.

Aroma Before Water

As off beat as the color. But again, not unattractive. What did strike me as odd was the almost non existent scent of Anise and Fennel. There's something sweet and perfume like that was hard for me to place. The more I breathed it in and came back to it after letting the glass alone for a while to open up was an almost over ripe or candied fruit aroma. Pleasant enough with enough heat from the alcohol to keep it from being cloying or overbearing. Still, I found the aroma peculiar for an Absinthe but not offensive or unappetizing - just incredibly different.


A nice Louche that comes about in attractive trails at first and a following of billowing white that fills the glass with increasing speed. There was a subtle opal like quality towards the end and this remained. The aquamarine had given way to a delicate hint of milky blue green. Not the thickest Louche I've seen or most dramatic but very decent - although it did seem a bit thin and the color a bit off. Mouth feel is thin, no real sense of anything creamy or luscious. I noticed when tipping the glass it left the glass completely clean which I interpret as not having any real body.

Aroma After Water

Somewhat intriguing but hard to place. There's something almost candied about it which made me follow my hunch and not use sugar - at least not at first. I detected no Anise, no Fennel but again this floral, fruity and slightly candied aroma which is pleasant I just would never associate it with Absinthe.


Yikes. Let me first say that I'm one of those people who have the "soap taste" reaction to Cilantro. To me even a hint of Cilantro can ruin a dish. Should a single leaf end up in my mouth I'll spend the rest of the evening with the unpleasant taste of soap lingering for hours. I suspect there's some herb or botanical in this Absinthe that has caused the same reaction. At first sip the taste of soap was sharp and unpleasant. I added a sugar cube, a bit more water and tasted again. But to no avail, although I could detect interesting flavors in the back ground the soapy assault was too powerful to even finish the glass.

The Finish

Lingering soapy flavor and something candied and fruit like, chalky and powdery.

Final Impression

This must be a case of my own enzymes reacting to what very well may be a better tasting Absinthe in reality other than my own reaction to the botanicals within. That said, before I was hit with the unexpected soapy taste I did find both the color, Louche and Aroma all falling short of what I've come to expect and relish in an Absinthe.
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