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Fantastic and unique. My #1, so far.
(Updated: August 06, 2008)
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First off, let me say that I must admit that I've only tried about five brands of absinthe so far. It's difficult to get absinthe where I live (Ontario, Canada) so I'm going to go with what I've got.

The colour is natural, but not aged looking. Looks like a blanche until a third of the ounce glass is full (for measuring) then turns a very nice bright, natural green.

When you two first meet, Absinthe Taboo has a wonderful smell neat. In my sniffing glass, it just explodes my mind. Maybe I'm missing the tide, but there's no 'stinky' smell like in the others I've tried (Lucid and Kubler, the other two Czech brands I've had don't count). Please don't get me wrong, I liked the others...

Taboo just smells incredible from start to finish. I would never drink absinthe straight, NEVER, but it sure makes you think about it. After louche (1:3 + 1 sugar cube is my house) each sip is preceded by many sniffs.

Louche is fairly quick, but the aromas released are quick as well. Absolutely fantastic... I've read in other reviews that people seem to get a 'Juicy Fruit' taste, but I never found that at all. It's got more of an apple-ish taste/smell which is subtlety binded by anise and wormwood. A wisp of a citrus pervades.

One day I'll get my hands on a bottle of Doubs Mystique or Jade Edouard, Absinthe Duplais, etc...

Until then, I'd take Taboo over anything else I've tried and no mistake.
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