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Not my cup of tea...
(Updated: June 27, 2008)
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Color: pale green with a slight bluish tint.

Louche: good and honest.

Aroma: hard to define, something weird in it. Primarily it smells wine base Marc. Then a veronica-like scent. And finally some oddities from where you can discern a hint of fennel and star anise (not the star anise I'm used to in pastis though).

Flavor: some bad bitterness here, every herbs are hidden behind that overpowering Marc that leads to some strange fruity flavors. The result is not really savory, just 'odd' for an absinthe.

Finish: biting and dry tongue, there is something unnatural that I dislike and stays forever.

Overall: definitely not my cup of tea, I can appreciate some 'unusual' absinthes for a change, but not that one. It's like Taboo has been distilled as a 'novelty' eau-de-vie, not a 'novelty' absinthe.
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