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Not bad for a first Canadian offering!
(Updated: April 13, 2008)
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Thanks to a big sky friend for sending a sample of this new release.

A nice well rounded green, but a tad light for me.

Louche came about rather quickly (but not in a bad way) and created some pretty decent layering and trails that ends in a nice opalescent green.

Aroma is tropical and intriguing. I'm sure that has to do with the choice in base alcohols. It's light and refreshing.

The flavor is what really differentiates this absinthe with others in its category. Again, due to the base alcohol as well as some of the herbs, it's very sweet and fruity. Almost peachy. Juicy Fruit is a good descriptor. I'd like to see a bit more wormwood come through, but then again, I like wormwood to be very forward in my absinthes.

Overall, this is an enjoyable beverage. Similar to St. George in that the flavors aren't what many would call a 'traditional' absinthe, it still is something that I can enjoy. This is an absinthe that would go well at the beach during a luau or tiki party.
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