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A tasty offering from Canada
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The name, Taboo is an unfortunate choice as it conjures up images of the Czechsinthe with the same sounding name which seems to be building on the bad-boy absinthe image. Try to forget the name and you'll find an interesting, quality absinthe from Canada. The color is a surprise: thinly green but very bright. The louche comes quickly but it is also interesting as it nicely layers in the glass. My first impression was disappointment in the lightly colored louche but that quickly gave way to the near-opaque pastel green. Taboo doesn't seem interested in copying other absinthes but making it's own statement on it's own terms. The aroma was a bit weak but pleasant and enjoyable. The flavor was a big surprise! It's so fruity it could have been flavored with Juicy Fruit gum. The Star anise is not distracting at all to me. There's plenty of anise but I think it could use a little more fennel. There's a nice bit of citrus from the Melissa, too. The mouth-feel is lovely. There is a gentle but distinct Wormwood bite that comes on nicely in mid-sip and sustains itself throughout the very nice finish. It is quite good.

There is something about Taboo that's not quite traditional but I have the feeling that Okanagan Spirits wasn't trying to make a French or Swiss absinthe but their very own Canadian absinthe. I think they did just fine.
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