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Absinthe, eh?
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Appearance: Absolutely beautiful in the glass. Just the faintest emerald hue amidst crystalline clarity.

Louche: Thin trails lead to a thick fog that keeps a nice separation between the louche and the top layer. This holds until 1.5:1 or so, then it's completely foggy with a hint of green.

Aroma: This is the downfall for me on this one. It's slightly spicy, but overly medicinal until the dilution is at least 4:1. Only then does the aroma balance out a bit.

Flavor: Slightly thin in feel, there are some interesting flavors happening in the background. A tad bitter (in a good way), a little spicy and fruity, works best if you let it sit in your mouth and warm a bit before swallowing. Nothing really stands out as a "wow" but there's not much to complain about, either.

Finish: Very dry with a lingering bitterness (again, in a good way).

Overall: Not a bad effort at all, but nothing that really stands out as superior over other brands.
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