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The first real deal verte from Switzerland
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Before I write the review I have to admit I have had two Promethee, one that was not released commercially and the other that I am reviewing now. I won’t hide that I like Promethee #1 better than Promethee #2, if the latter is such:

Colour: lime yellow with greenish tinge. Not pronounced enough

Louche: Very good, slowly-forming, sans hate, very pleasant.

Aroma: Herbal, balanced and interesting, alcohol is not overpowering. The base looks rather clean.

Flavour: Angelica could be more profound, but the rest is very nicely-paired. The wormwoody note is evident.

Finish: Colouring herbs have their say here but do not get too snitty, so nothing wrong with that. Finish is long and crisp.

Overall: Very well made absinthe. Not that exceptional as Promethee #1 but still very nice.
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