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That exquisite coquette!
(Updated: April 18, 2010)
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La Coquette is a delightful absinthe. Before water, it presents a lovely, dark peridot green, tinged with olive. I wanted to give it a score of 4.5, and I vacillated quite a bit before settling on 4. The louche forms nicely, with all the usual visuals, and ends up a thick jade with olive tones. Overall, the appearance of this absinthe is quite pleasing.

In the aroma and flavor, however, La Coquette really stands out. The fragrance is intensely herbal but fresh, clean, and not overwhelming. It opens up nicely with the addition of water. The flavor is likewise herbal and lively, but in no way grassy and without any wrong notes. This absinthe falls into the "herbal" rather than "spicy" category, but lacks nothing in the way of interest.

The finish is a trifle bitter, and might be improved with sugar, but even though La Coquette is not quite my ideal absinthe, I really would not change a thing. Do not miss this one!
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