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Good stuff.
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The colour is deep, clear fuille morte olive, more green than brown. It smells herbal, floral, and fruity at once. Lemony. Great balance. Absinthey but with a twist.

The louche is slightly thin but with good colour. Soft golden green, well textured. Water brings out the aroma of fruity anise backed with minty wormwood. Earthy, lemony, and foresty.

The flavour is very sweet. Good wormwood profile: woodsy, minty and bright. I started to detect a hint of funk but now I can't find it. Citrusy and slightly grassy. Very crisp and with a light, bitter undertone.

The lemony flavour and anise are prevalent at first in the finish, then the wormwood becomes spicy and weaves with earthy fennel for a lasting impression.

Very nice, very refreshing. I'd drink this any day.
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