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Very nice stuff, indeed.
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Color: I LOVE the color of this absinthe. A nice, dark, peridot. Very inviting.

Louche: The louche builds nice and thick with great trails. Not quite opalescent, but so so close.

Aroma: Clean and refreshing with floral and earth notes. Reminiscent of a forest after a spring rain. High quality anise comes through well.

Flavor: Vegetal and sweet rounded out with nice anise and minty wormwood. Herbaceous.

Finish: A tad bit hot, but I think that might be due more to underwatering than anything else. The refreshing bitterness from the wormwood stays on the tongue for a while. The sweetness of the anise recedes rather quickly, leaving only the wormwood.

Overall: I was very pleasantly surprised with this absinthe. Not having heard much about it, I think it's worthy of being in ANY absinthe collection.
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