Absinthe H. Bazinet Jeune circa 1910 - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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A very nice pre-ban
(Updated: July 16, 2007)
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Color was a wonderful straw color with still a few hints of green. A great example of typical Feuille Morte.

I had to take off a point for the louche because it was very slow and didn't build into a very good opalescent hue. Became cloudy, but meh, nothing amazing.

Before water, the wine base alcohol was quite evident, but not in an unpleasant way. Nose of fennel and wormwood, with almost a nutty undertone. Fresh and clean.

The aging imparts hints of caramel into the light anis and fennel flavors, as well as rounds out some of the bitterness from the wormwood. I'm assuming the aging has mellowed some of the flavors, as they weren't as strong as one would expect. All in all, it still tastes delicious, but the aftertaste left me wanting.

Overall, I'm very happy that I made the investment to try this great example of a well renowned absinthe in its heyday.
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