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Android absintheurs, here's a great absinthe app that's very simple, and very handy!  Absinthe is best when diluted to the proper strength. While the exact strength is a matter of personal taste, absinthe is intended to be drunk as a mildly alcoholic aperitif, more like wine than liquor, at the same range of strengths as commonly found in wine: between 12% to 15% or so. 

It can be tough to calculate the correct ratios in your head because there are a fair number of different strengths of absinthes on the market, from 45% up to 74% or more.  While the traditional 5:1 ratio works well with a properly-made 68% absinthe, it would most likely destroy a 45% brand and under-water a 74% brand.

Wormwood Society member Joseph Labrecque developed this app to address this need, based on the Absinthe Dilution Matrix created by Michael Meyers.  Just enter the amount of absinthe you want to calculate (1 oz makes one standard drink), the proof of the absinthe, and what strength you want it to be.  Absinthe is customarily made to be drunk at between 12% to 14% or so.

You can download the app from Google play, or from the Android Market.

Thanks Joseph!

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