Absinthe Cost Comparisons - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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A comprehensive list of all the most common absinthes on the market, comparing cost-per-centiliter.

Absinthe Cost Comparisons

Looking at this table, ranging from most to least expensive, it's easy to see that price is not a reliable indicator of quality.

The products shown in red below are some of the most highly regarded and authentic absinthes, as shown by user reviews.*  These products, arguably among the best commercial absinthes to be had, are more economical than some of the most inferior and spurious products to be had; while the K├╝bler, which is very well respected, is one of the most economical absinthes available.

Metric Measures One liter contains 100 centiliters (cl) or 1000 milliliters (ml).  A liter is roughly equivalent to a quart.  A standard US "fifth" bottle is 750ml, or three quarters of a liter.

1 oz (average drink) = approx. 3 cl. = approx. 25 drinks per 750ml bottle.

Example:  Brand X = $100/ liter (100cl) = $1.00/cl = $3.00/drink. IMPORTANT: The fluctuation of the currency exchange rate can effect the cost from day to day.  This information is only intended to show the pricing of the absinthes relative to one another.   Current prices are based on exchanges rates from March 3rd, 2011.

*  The 'red' label is not wholly inclusive and is solely for comparative purposes.  It should not be inferred that those marked in red are the only brands that are highly regarded.  Please read the consumer reviews page, linked to the left for more information on each brand.  If the brand you're looking for isn't listed, please notify us or inquire in the forum section of the site.

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