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Absinthe La Capricieuse

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Another good offering from CAB
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Color: Clear and attractive

Louche: As with ClB, a very nice cloudy louche leading up to a milky white finished product with pink and blue hues.

Aroma: Clean, crisp and alpine. Nicely balanced, although there is a bit of heat.

Flavor: Nice balance of wormwood and anise, with the wormwood astringency coming out a bit stronger than the other herbs. In a good way.

Finish: The anise and wormwood linger very nicely.

Overall: Not a whole heck of a lot different than La Clandestine, aside from being stronger. But I couldn't find many other blanches that I'd rather be similar too.
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Clearly a favorite
Overall rating
This review is based on a bottle purchased in the fall of 2009 and sampled over the past 6 months.

I'm not an expert on blanches, but of the four which I have tried to date, La Capricieuse was the clearest. I'd guess that the distiller is well aware of how sharp and crystalline this one is, because the bottle is likewise devoid of any color.

The scent is mild, with a slight aroma of mint and meadows. The louche is active and exciting to watch, with gauzy, cirrus clouds lasting a fair length of time.

The taste and the finish is where La Capricieuse excels. It has a crisp bitterness and is not overly sweet, and it takes very well to a full measure of sweetener (as usual, I like agave). The finish itself is impeccable, with a very pleasant, lingering aftertaste that leaves a nice tingling on your tongue.

La Capricieuse is an extraordinary absinthe that I would recommend to anyone, and is currently my favorite blanche.
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