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Although this absinthe only comes in extremely small apothecary bottles, and is rather pricey, it's still something that should be experienced.

The color is a GORGEOUS deep forest green.

Adding water produced some great, dancing oil trails, but the lack of anise made itself apparent with the rather weak overall louche. That was to be expected, given the objective of this absinthe. The final louche is still a deep green, and rather thin. No opalescence. I gave this a 3, again because it was deliberate. Others would have scored lower.

The aroma is fantastic. It's one of my favorite smelling absinthes. Very nice minty wormwood freshness with hints of angelica and hyssop. It's such a wonderfully attractive scent. It just pulls you in.

The flavor is crisp and clean. Straight forward, obviously high quality wormwood with just a hint of anise. Good fennel finish.

The finish is nice, but not remarkable. It doesn't last long on the tongue, and is rather thin, but it's still very nice.

Overall, if this was available in normal sized bottles, I'd buy it in an instant. I love the color and the aroma. Those two qualities allow me to overlook the louche (or lack thereof).
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