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Meow? Kittensinthe.
Overall rating
I enjoyed this little bottle quite a bit. Just like the kitten on the label... the bottle itself is smaller than most... charming. The absinthe inside is what counts though - and it does not disappoint! It reveals itself through color, aroma, and taste as a nicely balanced set of herbs set as a traditional profile with a compelling louche. Everything is very fresh and bright here... and one glass is rarely enough.
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Lovely summer absinthe
Overall rating
Appearance: The color is a spot-on green, and very clear.

Louche: A good thickness and attractively colored. The colors become very different as you move the glass around into various lighting and the angle vieweed, sometimes near-blanche with blues, a yellowy-green, or a very glowing gold and red.

Aroma: While not huge, the scent is well balanced and inviting, with a light cucumber-like essence.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: The taste is very crisp and fruity, with a decent amount of wormwood presence. It's very creamy and silky on the tongue.

Finish: More of the same, and it's a bit tingley without being tongue-destroying.

Overall: This absinthe is bright and fun. I think it's very fresh and almost "awakening" and refreshing to the senses.
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Pernot Light
Overall rating
Appearance: A fresh and clear chartreuse color. It is bright, clean, and natural.

Louche: Just slightly thick pale green. Blue hues at the edges but otherwise not too much nuance here.

Aroma: Very citrusy and fennel smelling up front. The floral wormwood is blended in the background almost as a structural tone underneath everything. A bit simple and weak smelling but correct and pleasant.

Flavor: A smooth mouthfeel that leads with fennel and wormwood taste. Surprising spice tones also show up and the citrus comes late to round out the flavor. The anise is fresh, sweet, and medium in intensity. Overall this absinthe is light in the mouth not feeling heavy or dense at all.

Finish: Citrus pepper and sweetness all ramp up with a decent numbing effect as well. The duration is a bit longer than average.

Overall: Another well crafted absinthe from Emile Pernot. Not as bold nor as flavorful as some of his other absinthes but it is still intriguing.
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