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Taking into account, they make such a decent slivo
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Stromu is better when compared with Hill's. Here I would end that review.

However, let's start from the beginning, colour is more on the greener than on the bluish side, of course it is artificial. There is no louche, although it tries to louche just a bit. Aroma is not that bad, mint, some herbs, the alcohol used by Palirna u zeleneho Stromu is better smelling.

Taken neat it reveals to be strongly bitter note from wormwood stems of very inferior quality, and surprisingly there is some anise detectable. Since it is not louchable, it is drinkable when used as an ingredient of cocktails.

Palirna u zeleneho Stromu is known for a variety of products, their absinth falls out off any category and it would be better if they concentrated more on their slivovitz.
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