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Quite tasty, but I take umbrage with the name
(Updated: December 16, 2015)
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Bottom line, this isn't absinthe. This is a fortified wine. Similar to a quina.

I like it for what it is: a fortified wine. It's actually really tasty when you put it in the framing of a quina.

But the labelling, which represents this as more of an absinthe is misleading. Which I cannot support.

If this product were to represent itself as a fortified wine or vermouth, then I would support it rather wholeheartedly. Especially if they removed the artificial coloring (even though it looks natural). But it is too misleading right now for me to endorse this product, no matter how tasty.

The ratings don't reflect this as a fortified wine. This has been reviewed based on the criteria of absinthe, since it is mistaken for absinthe by most consumers.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1