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Disappointing how popular this still is.
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Appearance: the good news is that the color is a good approximation of a true absinthe. The bad news is that it's artificially colored.

Louche: builds nicely and is correct

Aroma: surprisingly light. Not much there.

Flavor: insipid yet cloying. Quite bland aside from the familiar twang of Star anise. Definitely not herbaceous and flavorful like a well made brand. It totally lacks complexity.

Finish: quite numbing, with Star anise that lingers for quite some time. A sweetness sits on the palate as well.

Overall: This isn't something I'd recommend. Not only due to their constant misleading and irresponsible marketing, but also because it's quite obviously a brand that takes a lot of shortcuts. I wish they'd spend more money on the product and less on marketing.
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November 08, 2022
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