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The rouge I was waiting for!
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No sugar. Icy cold slow drip. This is from a sample provided to me from a bottle opened March, 2007.

Aroama pre-louche: Very light, with little standing out other than sweet frutiness. Not unpleasant, but no trace of the usual "absinthe" characteristics. This is going to be a tough one to rate. In the glass the aroma does not change. Candied fruit still tries to make its mark, but other than that, not much. Nice aroma, but weak.

Color: A crystal clear blood-red. Not the brilliant candy red I was expecting from stock photos. Actually, this appeals to me more since it may show some development of natural coloration, despite the fact that it has to be colored unnaturally. All in all, just what I would want a "naturally" colored absinthe to look like, strange as though that may sound.

Louche: slow trails develop quickly, and there is no cloud for quite a while. When it does come, it flushes through rather slowly. It is a beautiful display. The louche is thick and a rich orange-red. A very nice louche indeed. The aroma while louching is not strong, the pleasant candy scent is concentrated and smells very good.

Flavor: Very nice. I don't find this absinthe bitter at all. In fact, I find it very nice. It is not imposing in any one character, but has a surprising balance of subtle sweetness. This is precisely what I wanted a rouge to taste like. I can't put it any other way than that. Very subtle, very smooth, very straightforward.

Overall: I feel like I'm committing some sort of heresy by saying that this is one of my favorite absinthes. I was very wary after trying the only other rouge, but this is actually a very fine drink. I only have enough for two drinks worth, and so now I have to determine whether or not to try my second, and last glass with sugar for comparison, or without since I already enjoy it as is. I will most likely be buying a bottle of this in the near future!
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