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A Refreshing Absenta
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Reviewed without sugar at about 3-4:1

Color: Translucent. Vibrant lime green with tinges of yellow. Looks natural

Louche: Nice trails and billowing. Vibrant green meniscus until ~1.5-2:1. Multi-toned celery green. Medium dark to cloudy white with some light blue shades around the edges

Aroma: Sweet black licorice with some spice. One-dimensional

Flavor: Anise and bitterness. The taste is mostly black licorice like a good anise candy with bitterness added. Some anise candies taste just like sweet black licorice but others have more of complex anise taste. The anise taste in this absenta is more like the latter. It is tongue-numbing but not as much as I would expect. Also the bitterness is simple. When I taste higher end absinthes the bitterness from the wormwood usually has other flavors around it such as menthol, herbaceous, earthy etc… In this absenta the bitterness is just simply bitterness

Finish: Mouth feel is ok, perhaps a little thin. Long bitter finish, with some menthol and soap

Overall: Not a horrible Absenta. It is very simple and drinkable. I like to drink it with crushed ice and soda on a hot day. With a price like this (14.04 euro for a liter bottle which, at the time of this review, is ~$20US) you don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing a bottle. I like to always keep a bottle of this or a similar absenta on hand
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