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The Blanche for those who love the Vertes
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Appearance: Nice package, though I like the Grön better. The Vit package is so neat and the content so clear that one may underestimate the overall value. The absinthe is perfectly clear, with no sediment.

Louche: Beautiful louche, ready to start, showing light bluish reflexes while staying opalescent and not too thick, with a clear top layer. At 1:5 it is stil thick.

Aroma: subtle and complex and deep rather then intense. The aromas peculiar to the Grön are here too, but the Vit is less herbaceous and displays stronger notes of ginger and cola. Think of a pond surrounded by wild grass in summer day.

Taste: the holy trinity is there, but not alone. The sweetness of green anise is present but not as strong or even intrusive as in some Bleue. The lovely bitterness of wormwood is surrounded by other spicy notes. Because of its balance it is difficult to tear apart the main components, and the general feeling is that of freshly cut wild grass.

Finish: very fresh and slightly bitter, it persists long both on the nose and tongue. Staying so fresh and light, it may make difficult to stop drinking.

Overall: while I drink almost exclusively the vertes, I was drawn to the Vit because of the very good experience I had with Grön and because of its lower alcohol content. The Vit is likely to be the only Blanche I am going to buy again and again. It is less strong (or even less heavy) than the Grön, while retaining its complex palette of tastes and aromas. My favourite dilution is 1:5 or even higher, with no sugar.
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