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a bit spicy
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Appearance is crystal clear. I see no sediment or discoloration up close.
Louche- takes a while to start up but then it quickly becomes louched, without much of a show. Still, the end result is a very nice kind of pale, light-gray/white, with a touch of opalescence.
Aroma- Almost a perfume-like or even cologne fragrance. Very nice, but not very strong. In fact, I can barely smell it after louche with my nose right over the glass.
Flavor- I've always preferred a good verte to a good blanche, and this drink doesn't change that, but it tastes good enough that I begin to appreciate the blanche profile as it's own thing, rather than seeing it as an absinthe with something missing. Not an anise bomb. Fairly complex while also subtle. The anise/wormwood/fennel are there but I mainly notice a delicate spiciness, and something like ginger. Nice smooth mouthfeel.
Finish- nice and fresh/clean, like drinking spring water. That's how it makes me feel anyway... if that makes any sense. Doesn't stick around for very long though.

I feel like pointing out that my bottle is of the older stuff, labelled 'Ridge', even though I just bought it at the end of last year (2017). I only mention this because I think I've seen mention by the maker that they changed their recipe a bit for the later re-branded 'Vilya' product.It seems that some people think it's an improvement. I think if the newer stuff is much better than what I have, it must be an exceptional blanche. This is a very nice drink.
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