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(Updated: August 12, 2008)
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This is a really strange, but quite good, product. The bottle is beautiful, but the color could use some artificial coloring to hide its jaundiced verte status. The aroma is like an italian dinner and my very first sip was almost a spitter. However, by the time I finished the glass, and on subsequent glasses, I was thoroughly enjoying it. Many people find this to be the most interesting flavor at tasting parties, but enthusiasm for the second glass tends to be lacking. In general, nobody hates it, but people react either indifferently or love it. It is one I plan to stock regularly for the effect.

The louche is similar to most other brands, but nothing special or memorable. The flavor is hard to describe, but oregano or tarragon seems to dominate the palate. The flavor works in cycles more so than any other brand I've tasted. It starts with a slight anise, followed immediately by the oregano, and closure with the wormwood. Other flavors come and go and as far as mystic goes, this brand takes the cake. You will just have to decide whether mystic is all it's cracked up to be. The finish is superb, leaving the entire bouquet on the tongue with a gentle fade. Personally, I found this to be very good and enjoy it fairly regularly, but it is not typical of most absinthes out there.
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