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Nice Absinthe.
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Took a gamble on this one since there were no reviews on it and very little info online. At first it seemed plain (flavor), average, or even mediocre, but after a few months I think it's actually pretty good, especially for it's price. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.

Appearance- Here's the only real problem. The appearance would probably scare some absintheurs away. It looks like it has been artificially colored. The color is just *too* intense, at least compared to other absinthes I've had (I only mess with known legit absinthes except here when I took a risk on a bottle of this stuff). It's VERY green, almost blueish even. After louche you can see the blue come out even more obviously. I'm pretty sure there is no artificial coloring here though, and apparently their website mentions nettles being used for coloring. I guess some people kind of frown on this as it produces an almost unnatural coloration and not so much additional flavoring. I was just glad to find out there is no artificial food coloring used, although I suppose some may see the use of nettles as 'bending the rules'. To me it's really not that big of a deal as appearance doesn't really matter a whole lot to me (unless it indicates artificial coloring), but in accordance with the guidelines I felt I should give it a 3 in this category. I think people shouldn't let the overly intense coloring scare them away from this one, though.

Louche- Probably also affected by the ingredients used to produce the intense coloring, the louche is also very strong and opaque. As mentioned, it reveals a slight deep blue hue. Had to give a 3.5 here because the rules state that too thick should be a 3, but I gave an extra half point because I prefer too strong of a louche over some absinthes which barely seem to even louche at all.

Aroma- Vegetal, subtle floral, peppermint. Floral quality comes out more after louche. Not very strong.

Flavor- Very floral to me, but very balanced. Nothing overpowering. I think the balance deceived me into thinking this was more of a simple drink upon first opening the bottle. I still feel it is relatively simple but it's very nice. Floral and peppermint qualities are there and nicely balanced with the anise and wormwood. Sometimes I drink this and notice the anise more, and other times I feel it's more focused on the bitter wormwood (but in a nice way). Probably my own palate and things I've ate that day influencing it.

Finish- Mainly I notice the floral, slight alcohol bite, and anise for a while. Doesn't last too long, but long enough. Could be a little stronger though.

Overall I think this is kind of a great absinthe for the price.
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