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Authentic verte absinthe from Cami distillery in Czech Republic. Only available from absinthe-dealer.eu

From the distributors website: (google translate from German to English)

ABSINTH L`EXCEPTIONNEL is a new creation from the Cami distillery. L`Exceptionnel combines here, translated into German, an extraordinary and excellent absinthe. After about 10 months of development and 16 intermediate stages, an absinthe was created that fits exactly into this warm summer time. Among other things, distilled citrus peels were used here to give this extraordinary absinthe its own, fresh and unmistakable taste. The hot season can also be enjoyed very well with the right absinthe. Also, another goal to compare the Toulouse Lautrec absinthe was a better scent. For example, the Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe range has very little scent from the bottle, but paradoxically, when diluted with water, the scent unfolds, in contrast to some competing products from France or Switzerland (first an intense scent, then with water dilution there is almost no scent anymore.. .) then to a very intense fragrance. Here at Absinthe L'Exceptionnel you have to answer the question as soon as you open the bottle whether this is a high-quality perfume that fills the room or whether it is a spirit. But even when diluted with water, the scent is only slightly reduced. An even more intense green color was also achieved here using a new dyeing technique. Absinthe L'Exceptionnel is distilled entirely by hand using only natural ingredients. The more intense green color results from 5 special coloring herbs. According to French tradition, green anise is also used, among other things, which together with wormwood and other absinthe-typical ingredients results in a well-rounded composition. Fortunately, you will look in vain for artificial additives or pre-sugaring. With this high-quality L'Exceptionnel Absinthe, an attempt was made to create a refreshing overall aroma using the distilled peel of selected citrus fruits and, together with the very high proportion of Pontic wormwood, to create a slightly wormwood-heavy overall aroma. A total of 14 different herbal ingredients were used in this absinthe. Due to its more intense color, it also opalizes beautifully into a greenish hue, with the turbidity now setting in very early and quite densely and intensely. L`Exceptionnel Absinthe has an alcohol content of 65% vol. alcohol , which is perceived as relatively mild and with a content of 0.7 l per bottle, the price of EUR 39.99 is kept relatively low. A mixing ratio of 1 lump sugar with ice-cold water is recommended. Conclusion: This absinthe L'Exceptionnel has a significantly higher proportion of pontic wormwood compared to the absinthe Sinopale, although not only this component was increased, but of course the other flavor components also had to be adjusted. After all, a wormwood-heavy, but nevertheless harmonious overall aroma should be created. Our wormwood brothers will thank us. You are welcome to tell us your praise, but also your criticism of our new top product, because this is the only way future creations can be improved. Of course we hope, and we are quite convinced of that, that you will like this creation under the theme: Refreshing top absinthe with a high proportion of wormwood meets the hot season - and the effect is not to be despised either, as I notice after the second glass... Does it come from the Sinopale, which I drank first, or from the L`Exceptionnel as the second - or from both?...

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