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In my glass, the green color is very transparent. It's like faintly colored water. The green that I can see is that typical jade-like green you see in all the jades, it's just pretty weak.

The aroma in the bottle is also very faint, but musty. The mustiness reminds me of the Nouvelle-Orléans, but it's not quite as strong here. I know 'musty' is usually a negative word, but I actually quite like what I perceive in the aromas of these Jades, that I associate with it. It reminds me of old leather shoes in a big wooden box, that I would get into at my grandparent's place, as a child. Not exactly the same but similar. In the glass it smells more vegetal (and like strong alcohol), until louched, when the mustiness comes back.

The louche itself quite as impressive while it's happening (compared to other jades), perhaps because the coloring isn't so strong with this one, but the end result is a drink with a nice milkiness, typical of the Jades. I also detect a hint of like a mustard yellow when light passes through the louched drink.

The flavor is about like the aroma, a bit musty, but again not quite to the point of being 'salty' like the Nouvelle-Orléans. Everything is balanced in such a way that it has a very different profile from most other absinthes in my collection, but it's very enjoyable. I typically have to use lower water ratios with this one, however. Mouthfeel is very nice.

Finish- I like the kind of tingling/numbing that can happen with some absinthes. I usually see it attributed to star anise which most people seem to frown upon, but I think the alcohol itself can contribute. I'm not sure if this one has star anise but I get a nice tingling on the edges of my tongue, which just makes my mouth water for more.
Overall it's nice to have this or one of the other Jades in your cabinet as they give you something a bit different, and are very high quality, which is easy to see.
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