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Traditional Absinthe
Reviewed by StoneWall     October 27, 2013
Last updated: October 28, 2013
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Yes...Competition Rocks!

I was completely disappointed with the first batch of Obsello II. The Original Obsello was a personnel favorite of mine. In hopes of an improvement, I gave it another shot. The Caribbean Rum didn't bother me as much as losing the Grape Neutral Spirits. Rum Or Grain in the end it doesn't matter to me as long as there is Craftsmanship going into the Absinthe. The first Release Of Obsello II had to be a work in Progress, because I got hold of a bottle that must be the answer to all of our complaints.

Not using Sugar for this review.

Appearance: Slight Haze of Tourmaline yellow-Green.

Louche: Upon adding ice cold water, Oily-trails develop into smoky trails forming from the bottom of the glass working upwards into a Thick & Creamy Opaque yellow-green.

Aroma: A nice vanilla fennel mint, Melissa and coriander with wormwood in the background.

Flavor/MouthFeel: Anise and fennel are up front and are wrapped around a minty Vanilla light Wormwood, this is from either (or both) the Rum or Spanish Cask that this Absinthe is held in for a few months before bottling.

Finish: The finish of this Absinthe is the best part...a slight numbing minty vanilla resides with anise remaining, this Absinthe gets better with each sip.

Overall: A great improvement over the first Batch of Obsello II. A definite American Absinthe, with the Inclusion of Caribbean Rum, you might say this is the Pirates Absinthe. A Renegade.

1 results - showing 1 - 1
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