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Reviewed by Stevolution     October 12, 2009
Last updated: October 15, 2009
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I've spent some time with this and settled to a dilution I like best, 5:1 brilliantly cold water (shaken with ice and strained) with no sugar necessary.

Color from my bottle (the 7th 2009 batch, if I interpret correctly) is a beautiful but natural green. Color softens in a wide glass; I prefer to serve this in a flute or bubble glass rather than a wine or wide reservoir.

Louche: Extraordinary. Dramatic louche even when fed a steady stream of water which is remarkable. Holds up well to a wide range of dilutions.

Aroma: Anise and fennel are noticeable but not dominating. There's a wonderful herbaceous lushness that I find unique. The addition of water releases scent that is light and subtle while still room-filling.

Flavor: More anise here, but in a dance with the other herbs. Each time I drink it I get a slightly different impression. There's a remarkable body, similar to the character of a malolactic fermentation in wine, smooth and round without being oily. The mouth-feel is round and full and easily stands up to 5 parts water.

Finish: Pleasant and not clingy. Fades relatively quickly but that just makes me crave another sip.

Overall: Brilliant. Easily the best of the 5 absinthes I've tried, including Meadow's brasher sister, WW. I like it so much that I ration it from myself, lest I run out before I can get a new bottle.

1 results - showing 1 - 1
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