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Appearance: Intense peridot green. Deeper than average for a verte, still completely natural looking.

Louche: very intense trails and colors during the formation, with lots of orange. Then all of a sudden, like a thunderstorm, it becomes very thick, while still retaining the clear top layer. Even at 1:5 it remains thick and green, with bluish reflexes. A real pleasure for the eye.

Aroma: Mostly wormwood, with anise and fennel. Very herbaceous. Somehow spicy like fresh ginger. Aroma changes by the minute.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Consistent with the aroma, it’s very creamy in the mouth. No alcohol, in spite of the high grade. This is an absinthe that can be diluted higher than usual because of its sheer intensity. There is a special flavor I only experience here that may be due to calamus or to the use of wild herbs. It tastes like wild wood indeed.

Finish: Long lasting in its complexity, deeply satisfying.

Overall: As a newcomer to absinthe, I tend to fall in love with any new good absinthe I taste, but this one is really special, it ticks all my boxes. It’s packed with flavors. It can be diluted much higher than usual for absinthes of its grade. It tastes like wild grass, and when compared to the best French ones it makes them look too well mannered. After one week I realised that to me one glass of this absinthe is enough, so satisfying and powerful it is. Most other absinthes I have now look dull.
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