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Dr. Seltsam's Absinthium Alpha

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From the producer: The Absinthe Dr. Seltsam`s Absinthium Alpha is the winner of the "Grand Or" at the Absinthiades 2018. To the surprise of many he actually won the title of all the Absinthes presented there in 2018, which is the title that covers all competition classes. Until then he was almost completely unknown and was smiled at rather quietly. But after the announcement of the winners the interest was huge. Until then only the people who were at historical events around Cologne knew Dr. Seltsam and his Absinthe Ensemble. Dr. Seltsam with the real name Daniel Werle developed the Absinthe Absinthium Alpha together with Peter Fuss from the Galerie GrĂ¼ner Engel in Heidelberg. The result is very impressive: The result is a very mild Absinthe without corners and edges, which can be drunk every day without any problems. It is dyed green without artificial colorants with color macerate. A mixing ratio of 1:3 with ice-cold water is recommended. Whether you should add a piece of sugar or not is up to you.

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I enjoyed this, even if it's a bit more bitter than I prefer
(Updated: January 13, 2023)
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First tasted, 12-26-18 - New Review 12-26-22 - Bought from Ulrich Hoss

Appearance - beautiful emerald hue, no visible sediment

Louche - Deep swirls of color. Bright and opalescent with greens, whites, and yellows

Aroma - mainly anise melding well with wormwood. Simple and very enticing.

Flavor - Punchy with a surprising amount of bitterness that seems to have increased a bit as it's ages. Quite herbal and complex but a bit unbalanced.

Finish - Pontica comes out and adds bitterness. Slight drying on the tongue.

Overall - it's OK now, but I'd like the bitterness to be toned down a bit and the anise to come through more. Definitely one to experiment with water ratios and sugar.
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