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as good as it gets
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
the appearance is just fine. kind of a yellowed green. very natural looking.
louche- perfect, to my eye. i like the way it looks while it's louching, one of those complex louches if you drip the water at the right speed, with the swirling layers etc. nice milky color afterwards.
aroma- i gave this a 4 because while it smells nice, nothing about the aroma really jumps out at me. its just that kind of vegetal smell that many absinthes have. no fruity scents or anything like that, or any other kind of unusual complex things. it does smell like quality. similar to the jades i've had.
flavor- i think for me i really need lower water to absinthe ratios to get the flavor to really have some bite. maybe 2.5 to 1 to 3 to 1. around there i think it's terrific. really love the lemon balm which you can slightly detect in the aroma but it definitely lends to the flavor profile. just a lot of depth but it perfectly harmonizes and packs a real punch.
finish- perfect. the wormwood just makes my mouth water and makes me want more. incredible stuff.

overall- really recommend you test how low you can go with the water with this one so you can really get smacked in the face with the flavor. in some cases adding more water reveals more, but i feel my best experiences with this absinthe have always been when mixing 'stiffer' drinks.
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