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Complex but mild
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Appearance: A beautiful orange red, very clear, less deep than it looks in the website pictures.

Louche: In the beginning it’s beautiful to watch because of the many swirling colours, green, yellow, orange. After adding water it gets, quite unexpectedly, mostly green. Oily layer on top, translucent, not thick. I would not dilute it past 1:3. This is also the website recommendation.

Aroma: Not very strong, some dryness, a little alcohol. Little anise, some wormwood. A wood in summer, peopled with different wild plants. It's interesting that aroma changes a lot as minutes go by. Not the average absinthe at all.

Taste: Some wormwood bitterness, freshly cut grass and flowers, very little anise. It is quite creamy, thick, in the mouth. Complex, but very very mild. No strong taste in front. Not even flowers. My main objection here is that it is very mild.

Lingering: some bitter wormwood, grass.

Overall: this is my fourth test of Awen Rouge over two months, during which I had a whole bottle of Neuzeller Malvales and half of Adnams Rouge. Coming back to Awen, I expected to like Adnams much better, remembering I had previously found Awen far too mild. I would now rather describe Awen as delicate and balanced, complex in its own way, putting no stress on flowery aromas. I think I'll get some more bottles in the future, as it deserves a deeper acquaintance.
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