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Lots of anise. Brings back memories.
(Updated: December 24, 2007)
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A generous sample of this vintage Mexican absinthe was provided by a good friend. Much appreciated!

Color is a light yellow with hints of fuille morte. No visible sediment.

The customary heavy amounts of anise in Spanish and Mexican absinthe created a quick and heavy yellow louche. It began literally upon the first drop. Great thick trails with each drop. It was fully louched before it even hit 1:1.

The aroma is again not surprising. Lots and lots of anise. Hints of wormwood mintiness help to round out the sweetness a bit, but it's certainly a classic Spanish style absenta.

The flavor is surprisingly light. With the huge anise aromas, you'd expect a bit more punch, but I think the aging has tamed the flavors a bit. It's certainly sweet, but not as sweet as I'd expect. The wormwood shows through much more in the flavor than in the aroma. It's quite thick on the tongue. This one definitely shouldn't be sugared. It would be overkill.

The finish is very nice, with the sweetness of the anise lingering for quite a bit along with just a touch of peppery spice in the back of the throat. The sweetness makes me wonder if there isn't just a bit of sugar added into the bottle, or if it's just the anise.

Overall, this absenta brings about a lot of nostalgic thoughts of my first absinthes that I had while living in Spain. It's exactly what Spaniards like. Lots of anise. Although the flavor is a bit basic, it's still very enjoyable. Although it's a Mexican brand, it really makes me yearn to be back in Madrid.
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