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Medicinal Campfire
(Updated: August 06, 2012)
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Appearance: A clear yet heavy and dark burnt umber color. Very pretty but also very colored. Natural and intentional. The yellow color speaks more of whiskey, cognac, and other brown spirits than a dead leaf, vintage absinthe.

Louche: Quick to louche and starts thick but ends up a bit thinner than expected at 3 to 1 and above. The typical blue-grey edge hues are present but the main color is a darkish pale yellow that somewhat reminds me of sewage water.

Aroma: A very interesting minty-camphor aroma hits me first. Fennel and wormwood dominant along with smoke, vanilla, and a sweet maple aroma. The smells ends with a nice floral tone as well. This is a very robust smelling absinthe and all aromas are present in force with nothing really shy or lurking in the background.

Flavor: Holy smokes! The first taste to show is like a campfire. The camphor dominant fennel and wormwood combo follow right up. The floral tones show up later along with some sweet vanilla notes. The texture is surprisingly smooth for the taste. This would not be an everyday sort of absinthe and one that requires the right mood. It somewhat reminds me of some of the alpine amaros out there.

Finish: The floral and smoke notes stay dominant throughout a finish that dries out. It sweetens up a bit with some oxygen and numbs slightly. Some pepper taste and a fruit characteristic show but just barely.

Overall: This strangely smoky and camphorous absinthe is for a particular taste and also the right setting. If you enjoy smoke monster style cocktails or traditional amaros then you might be a fan of this as I am. If you don't like such things then save that vintage money for another brand. I honestly wish that there was enough cheaply available to mix this and put this absinthe to some cocktail use.
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