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The high literature of absinthe.
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Appearance: Slightly yellowish side of peridot but clear and robust. Not thin or thick. Again this sample has already aged 3 years.

Louche: Perfect if just a bit on the thick side. A nice blue hue adorns the edges of the drink.

Aroma: Slightly sweet with huge floral notes. Anise is pronounced as well as some lemon and mint in the background holding the big aromatic notes up like Atlas.

Flavor: It is a bit hard for me to accurately describe without using rambunctious language but it's really, really good. The initial flower bomb that is more than just wormwood slides into a citrus and herbal-earthen roundness with a surprising pepper note and just slight mint flavor. This is like tasting a good book that you know you'll have to read again a few times to understand every nuance. The high literature of absinthe.

Finish: Spicy and citrus notes take the spotlight with a slightly sweet anise creeping up later. The change is subtle and delightful as well as not weak in any way. Raising the bar for what I consider a good finish.

Overall: Excellent taste and superb finish. This is the holy grail of a floral absinthe without being weak as other floral absinthhes tend to be. The balance of other herbs harmonize perfectly bringing the taste game up quite a few notches. An overall excellent job!
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