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(Updated: May 18, 2012)
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Appearance: A thin peridot green that is slightly on the yellower side. I should note that the sample I am reviewing is 3 years old by now.

Louche: Near perfect opalesque louche. A tad thick but it also display a myriad of beautiful hues much like a good Blanche.

Aroma: This is heavy on the trinity of herbs but also well balanced in the background with a decent citrus note a spice harmony. This really just makes me want to stop smelling and take a drink right away.

Flavor: At first it is wormwood forward and surprisingly floral. This gives way to a nice balance of the herbs and flavors mentioned above all on stage at the same time. The texture is creamy and just slightly sticky. The end result is a masterful play with a wonderful cast of characters and quality execution.

Finish: The finish is strong with the floral notes coming out once again and perfuming the mouth. The flavor otherwise stays the same and not too terribly interesting, but I am glad that the finish is strong instead of a weak lingering.

Overall: A very well structured and balanced absinthe. There is a complexity here reaching a carefully balanced harmony where all the parts work together amazingly well. This is unlike so many other top-tier absinthes that I have tried where the complex flavors all seem to compete instead of work together. The initial presentation and finish are the only points where I could see much a flaw, but those are more than worth it for such a great flavor.
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