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I've been sent to the Meadow of Love!
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Appearance: The coloring of this absinthe is absolutely beautiful! It has a beautiful green color that is achieved without looking artificial nor does it have any artificial ingredients in it

Louche: Excellent louche that comes in like billowing clouds. It reminds me of a summer day and laying out in the grass and watching the clouds rolling by in the sky (not storm clouds mind you)

Aroma: A very heavenly aroma that fills the room and very fragrant, closing my eyes while the water is dripping and the aroma is being released sends me off into a relaxing place

Flavor/Mouthfeel: It has such an excellent taste to it. There's a tiny hint of anise to it with the herbs taking center stage making it a very pleasant taste experience.

Finish: It leaves a tingling sensation in the roof of my mouth and on my tongue. It's note too much of a tingle and not too small of one, it's just right. The tingle doesn't fad real quickly either, it pleasantly lingers

Overall: This is a very excellent and sophisticated absinthe! I take my hat off to Cheryl Lins for making such a wonderful absinthe! It is great to have such a great absinthe here in the US market and not have to deal with mediocre absinthes that you get at a large liquor store chain.
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