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Traditional Absinthe
The Scarlet Woman Lost Some Color.
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Color: Due to the age of the sample that I got this was more tequila colored than rouge. Maybe a juane color by now. Pictures show a nice red, but the dead leafing is not so much a bad thing. If the color changes then the absinthe was naturally colored which is always a plus. Any way you cut it this is hard to evaluate at this point.

Louche: Clouds build nicely with active oil trails, but when at the correct ratio this ends up very thin. There is a healthy amount of the original color left in the final result as well.

Aroma: On display are the usual suspects of absinthe and some floral notes as well. I am definitely intrigued by the aroma of this one.

Flavor: Tastes like absinthe with a slight tartness to it. The main flavor is the usual trio, so this is not as much of an oddball style as I was thinking. Unfortunately nothing really stands out either. It's a good taste but not great. The tart, which is slight, reminds me more of rose than hibiscus or anything else.

Finish: The finish does stick around for a while but there's not much really going on here aside from a slight bump up in the tartness.

Overall: Not as unusual as I was expecting. This is mainly your usual absinthe with a tiny bit of tartness to it. Maybe the age of the sample changed more than the color but as it stands here this is akin to your average commercial offering that I've come across. On the downside, the louche really needs some help. On the upside, a naturally made rouge, which can't be the easiest thing to pull off by a long stretch.
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