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Absinthe Sauvage
Traditional Absinthe
Noble Sauvage
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Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Color: A deep yellow chartreuse color. Dark, heavy, and strong but still clear.

Louche: Slow to start with nice layering. Ends up thick and still retains quite a bit of the original color. Nice blue hue towards the edges of the glass though. Very thick, but still pretty.

Aroma: Wormwood forward and this one really opens up at higher ratios. Not an overly strong smelling absinthe but that's not a bad thing. The aromas are more of a wormwood and fennel combo that appears light on the anise despite the thick louche.

Flavor: A showcase of some good wormwood. Very unique in it's taste. A smooth and round texture comes out as well. This is a very sweet absinthe so no sugar is needed for my taste. Hints of citrus and even something almost like sage interplay. Delicious, complex, and thankfully different.

Finish: Surprisingly the wormwood ramps up then dies off a bit early leaving a vanilla finish with a slight pop of spice as well. Very nice change from the flavor and again, really smooth.

Overall: The maturation has a nice effect in smoothing the taste. This is a wormwood showcase with a complex layer of flavors just underneath. The smoothness makes this one go down really easy, and my first glass was empty a bit too soon. Overall Sauvage is a pleasure and well worth the wait.
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