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Traditional Absinthe
A Must Have.
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Color: Deep and clear green-yellow balance. A very even color so it is hard to decide which color comes out more. Very clear and captivating to look at.

Louche: Lots of oil swirls that louche easily with a nice pattern. The end is a strong and thick louche that tints just a bit of a blue hint on the edges.

Aroma: Complex and well balanced. Nothing seems to overpower anything else. Wormwood easily detectable but this is not smelling like an A.a. bomb. Clean, sweet, and promising.

Flavor: Slightly spicy with very unique wormwood and anise flavors out in front. Smooth and thick with peaks of spice as more of a texture than a flavor. Simple right up front but wonderfully complex in the back. Diverse and paradoxical at points. Overall the wormwood does dominate a bit.

Finish: The finish changes quickly and often, resulting in a complex experience. It lasts a long time with spicy and wormwood finish at the end. Numbs the mouth very well.

Overall: So close to a full five stars. This is a wonderful absinthe and holds some of the best presentation out there. Strong louche and excellent flavor are highlights. Montana grown wormwood showcases itself nicely and separates it's flavor from the rest very easily. Only critique would be to balance the flavor a bit to let the other herbs show through.
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